opening Saturday 17.11.2018 / 19:00

Werfstraat 13 rue du Chantier, 1000 Brussels

this performance is in French

[EN] « En pâturant »… c’est ainsi que commencent bon nombre de contes d’aventures du répertoire chanté traditionnel. La « pastura » dont il sera ici question, est un territoire aux limites floues et sans cesse repoussées que nous avons exploré pendant près d’un an avec un troupeau de chèvres du côté de Marseille…
‘While they were grazing the animals…’ This is how numerous tales of adventure from the traditional song repertoire start. The ‘pastura’ here referred to in this instance, is a territory with vague borders that are constantly pushed back. Till Roeskens & Mathilde Spini have explored the part of this area that borders on the town of Marseille for almost an entire year with a flock of goats. As Roeskens & Mathilde Spini tended to the flock each in turn, they were able to spend part of their day writing letters to us, in which they share their observations, thoughts, reading and dreams, to which they added small maps. Taken together, these constitute a shared diary of the slow voyage through the seasons and places. This evening is a first fragile and adventurous attempt to share some fragments of this diary with the public.
[NL]Till Roeskens en Mathilde Spini presenteerden de lezing performance Pastorejant naar aanleiding van hun gedeelde geitenouderschap in Marseille. Aan de hand van tekeningen en teksten converseerden ze met elkaar gedurende een jaar.