Pixelstick project in SERDE Arts Centre (Aizpute, Latvia)

02/05/2018 - 06/05/2018

SERDE Arts Centre, Aizpute, Latvia


supported by SERDE Arts Centre, Aizpute, Latvia in collaboration with MPLab & nadine. Dit project wordt mede ondersteund door de Vlaamse Gemeenschap als Buitenlands Publiek Presentatiemoment.

From 2 to 5 May SERDE Arts Centre (Aizpute, Latvia), in collaboration with MPLab (Liepaja, Latvia) and nadine (Brussels, Belgium), organizes a four-day workshop to discover the device ‘Pixelstick’.
Pixelstick is a versatile tool that was developed two years ago as a Kickstarter project.
Using the 200LEDs-stick and a slow shutter speed camera, one can add existing photos that are uploaded onto the stick, to any existing -low light- environment.

The four-day workshop is led by the artists Bartaku and Various Artists.
The participants explore a new direction in the medium of photography using this recently developed work tool. During the workshop we explore the artistic possibilities of this tool.
Participants will first learn how to prepare the stick for use – including preparing and uploading photos) – and get familiar with how to handle the device: generating the images with body and stick; settings for mobile phone and/or (pinhole) camera. After this introduction, experimenting starts with participants using their own individual images in spaces that they find suitable.

On Sunday 6 May the digital and printed photographic results of the workshop will be showcased at SERDE.

The setting:
Technical preparations: SERDE Arts Center
Experiments: Aizpute town // surroundings

>> Documentation of first explorations during workshop at nadine in Brussels in August 2017 (with Bartaku, Various Artists, and Shelbatra Jashari)

About Pixelstick
“Pixelstick is a versatile tool that can serve many roles in a shooter’s setup, but one of the things that truly sets it apart from other photo lights is its ability to read and display photorealistic images into a long exposure. To achieve all the brilliant reflection and spill of a normal in-camera light with the added benefit of that light taking any form you wish is a useful option to have in your kit.”

SERDE is an interdisciplinary non-governmental organization focused on collaboration between art, science and education. In addition to their residencies, workshops and publications, SERDE maintains an intense involvement of the local population through public presentation moments. As Pixelstick connects various domains, the collaboration with nadine vzw is a unique opportunity to bring together artists from various disciplines (visual arts, new media, photography, video, etc) in an international context and partnership.

Art Research Laboratory (MPLab) was established November 1, 2006 as a structural research unit under the Faculty of Humanities, Liepaja University. The general aim of MPLab is to perform scientific research in the field of new media, culture and education, and to establish dynamic, innovative and responsive environment for research in art.
The main tasks of MPLab are based on the research of the process in visual arts practice and theory, new media art and art education realizing national, international and interdisciplinar research projects realizing and promoting them via publications, conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions etc.

Artist researcher Bartaku´s practice can be seen as a cocktail of light, energy, plants. It is shaken by wonderful worldviews that humbly embrace the fluidity of the understanding of what life is. Many works evolve from the entanglement with a berry-that-is-an-apple. The appleberry is the key advisor of Bartaku´s Doctoral studies at the Department of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University.

Various Artists
Various Artists is a Brussels based arts collective with 24 fictional members. Within Various Artists most of the activity is concentrated around practicing duets, where a primary actor is combined with a secondary player. A thematic, or a skill is provided by the former, and can be repeated until exhaustion. The collective is a Gesamtkunstwerk where all research topics and artistic practices of its 24 members come together in collaborative installations or projects.

[FR] Un workshop de 4 jours co-organisé par SERDE Arts Centre (Aizpute, Lettonie), MPLab (Liepaja, Lettonie) et nadine (Bruxelles, Belgique) pour découvrir un nouvel objet : le pixelstick, un outil polyvalent développé il y a deux ans grâce à un kickstarter.

Le workshop est animé par Bartaku et Various Artists.

Les participants explorent de nouvelles directions en photographie grâce à ce nouvel outil de travail.