Q & A : Dirk De Vos & Various Artists

opening Thursday 13.02.2020 / 18:00
14/02/2020 - 10/03/2020

by appointment

n0dine, Rue du Laekensestraat 105, 1000 Brussels

supported by Various Artists

[EN] Various Artists and nadine invite you for the opening of the exhibition Q & A : Dirk De Vos and Various Artists at n0dine

About Corporate Culture

“The common research practice of the collective Various Artists is the sustainability of the artist as a brand. This long term investigation includes different stages, and results in small scale maquettes or working methods.
Until the beginning of autumn 2015 Various Artists approached this research as a collective of individuals. The focus was on the one hand on the individual works and on the other hand on co-creation, resulted in collaborations of two to four artists of VA, the so-called ‘duets’. This phase of research was concluded in “Q and A” an important presentation moment at Galeria Continua in San Gigmignano.

At the moment Various Artists is exploring the collective as a committee that takes design and presentation decisions based on the principle of exclusion. Exclusion can be seen here as an experimental technique or method to counter the current trend to see an artists as a brand or unique personality, hence the title Corporate Culture. Concretely this means that the members of the collective work together as a committee when it comes to presenting and designing artworks. Before an art piece is shown to the public, the committee – consisting of all members of the collective EXCEPT the artist himself – comes together to produce/rework the art piece. The idea is to exclude the aesthetic of the artist, and to distance the personality from the concept, purifying the final exhibited piece.

This research challenges the limits of the art market and explores the borders of collective authorship. We want to question the worshipping of the artist who, once established, can deliver almost anything if signed. Can we still look beyond this signature and separate good from bad art regardless the signature? What if ‘the aesthetic signature’ of an artist is excluded from his oeuvre? What if a piece of art were to be signed by a committee of artists? Is the piece then viable for sale?” (Various Artists)