oracle introduced 5 new seafaring landlubbers to the perilous Belgian waterways this year. They aged between 12 and 42 years old.
We traveled from Tubize to Dinant and Kanne to Zol. We felt the rhythm of the solar powered boat and adapted or created Shanties to aid our sailing.

Known sailing songs were shared between sailors, such as carolientje heeft een bootje and decided that yes, it is time for new sailing songs. These snippets were made with Captain Mathilde (she shanty, Interdit Song).
Stories were made and shared…

Captains Agathe & Clément also supplied sonic waves to accompany the windmilled waterscape, and the Ronquières boat lift.
We were sorry to hear from the lock operators that during the next few years all of the locks will be automated and therefore we will lose the contact of the ‘lock chatting’/sluis babbeling, which is our main source of information for our boat Captains.

[NL] oracle introduceerde dit jaar 5 nieuwe zeevarende landrotten op de gevaarlijke Belgische waterwegen. Ze zijn tussen de 12 en 42 jaar oud.
We reisden van Tubize naar Dinant en van Kanne naar Zol. We voelden het ritme van de boot op zonne-energie en adapteerden of creëerden Shanties om ons te helpen zeilen.


[FR] Oracle a invité 5 nouveaux marins à naviguer sur de périlleuses voies d’eau belges cet été. Les participants âgés de 12 à 42 ans ont eu le plaisir de voyager de Tubize à Dinant et de Kanne à Zol. Ensemble, ils ont adapté et crée de nouveaux chants.