[EN] VARIOUS ARTISTS is showing ‘toxiThropea’ in three different venues in Rotterdam.
‘toxiThropea’ is part of the ongoing project, researching our exhaustive relationship with nature.

We warmly invite you to join us for the following shows:

toxiThrope, is part of the group show Curtain Call, curated by Edwin Carels for IFFR, 25 January – 1 February.

toxiThropea(rgb), is a solo show at Art Rotterdam, for Joey Ramone Gallery: booth N21, 7-11 February.

Salinas & Parallax View, is a solo show at Joey Ramone Gallery, 8-24 February.

A preview of toxiThropea was shown in morpho in December 2017.

[FR] VARIOUS ARTISTS présente ‘toxiThropea’ dans trois lieux différents à Rotterdam. ‘toxiThropea’ est un projet en cours au sujet de notre relation avec la nature.