ZeeWier — summer expo

08/07/2024 - 29/08/2024

n0dine, Lakensestraat 105 Rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels

From 8 July 2024 on, the work and material exchange will start and grow over the summer. Keep an eye on our website, we will announce some public moments to visit the show. Save the date for the finissage on 29 August 2024.

[EN] ZeeWier is a collective exchange with Ada Van Hoorebeke, Chloé Schuiten & Clément Thiry and Various Artists, that will take the form of an exhibition over summer. While working on their own projects that take place in different locations Samsoe (Denmark), Wissant (France) and Boulogne-sur-mer (France), a visual dialogue will enfold in n0dine during the months of July and August 2024.

Ada Van Hoorebeke is residening on the island of Samsoe, Denmark in the framework of TERRAFORM. The starting point of her work on site is ‘how to start anew with what is on the island of Samsoe?’ Her project The Planetary Printer researches machine versus human creation and printing ‘with the planet’. Ada wil be making her own paper and ink with seaweeds from the island. In n0dine, she will enlarge the concept of The Planetary Printer through the use of newspaper, patterns, language and news/information.

Chloé Schuiten & Clément Thiry are working in a natural area/park in Wissant (between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer)
During their residency, they focus on the area itself, as well as human and non-human migration. They are collecting traces: material traces in the form of clothes they find in the dunes, and other materials/cultural traces through dialoguing with an academic researcher who investigates music and migration, and activist associations that work in the area. In n0dine, they will work on a first object or making a series using clothes, garbage and natural materials from Wissant.

Since 2004, Various Artists walks Boucalais (Boulogne-sur-Mer > Calais/Dunkerque)
Over time, Boucalais changed from a solo-trip to a trio-trip, always connected to a specific theme and with other guest walkers. The walk always develops along a protocol and is accumulative; it grows because of the previous walks. It also relies on maintenance, dealing with natural decay and re-assuming their work in relation to the change of locality and people. In n0dine, Various Artists will map this two-way endavour of Boucalais: on stage (public-consumer) and backstage (maintenance) walks. Practically, they will alternate the protocol and open it up by a live book making process. 


[NL] ZeeWier is een collectieve uitwisseling met Ada Van Hoorebeke, Chloé Schuiten & Clément Thiry en Various Artists, in de vorm van een tentoonstelling tijdens de zomer. Terwijl ze werken aan hun eigen projecten die plaatsvinden op verschillende locaties Samsoe (Denemarken), Wissant (Frankrijk) en Boulogne-sur-mer (Frankrijk), zal er in n0dine een visueel dialoog worden uitgewerkt tijdens de maanden juli en augustus 2024.

[FR] ZeeWier est un échange collective avec Ada Van Hoorebeke, Chloé Schuiten & Clément Thiry et Various Artists, qui prendra la forme d’une exposition pendant l’été. Tout en travaillant sur leurs propres projets qui se déroulent dans différents lieux Samsoe (Danemark), Wissant (France) et Boulogne-sur-mer (France), un dialogue visuel se dévéloppera à n0dine pendant les mois de juillet et août 2024.