[EN] The Wandering Arts Biennial is a research and production biennial that focuses on mobility, versatile production and presentation methods in the field of contemporary arts, and the nomadic practices of artists.
In 2014 nadine vzw created WAB to anticipate artists and creative thinkers using mobility, nomadism and temporality as an instrument or creative method in their artistic practice. WAB was conceived as an open platform where works can be shown, shared and communicated in an independent context.
Each edition of the WAB is followed by a publication featuring contributions from all the participating artists.

1st WABook contributions by Noëlle Bastin & Baptiste Bogaert, Pacôme Béru, Bxl Wildlife, David De Tscharner, Bruno De Wachter, Sebastian Dingens, Florence Doléac, Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou, Lenka Dolanova, Theun Karelse, Nicolas Matzner Weisner, Léa Mayer, nadine, September Tiberghien, Maud Salembier, Marinus Van Dijke, Jeroen Van Westen, and Various Artists.

WAB coordination: nadine vzw
WAB editorial coordination: Pacôme Béru, Loes Jacobs
Translation and proofreading: Patrick Lennon
Book design and production: Grandhomme & Bennani (Überknackig)

Riso print:
Duplo Seiko DP S850 on Munken Print White 1.8 90g/m2 Cyclus Offset 80g/m2 Coloraction canary 80g/m2 Everyday Kopieerpaper 80g/m2 EverCopy Plus 80g/m2

Offset print:
Pixart Printing, CMYK on Classic Gloss 100g/m2 SNEL Graphics
PMS 2935u on Generic Offset White 240g/m2

La Rivière Sèche

Many thanks to Laurie Charles, Ronan Deriez, Lenka Dolonova, Patricia Domingues, Tatsuya Inuikawa, Frankie Langsdorf, Rachel Magnan, September Tiberghien, all participating artists

Watch here the WABook1 movie