[4th WAB] Beauty Kit Female Farm online workshop

13/12/2020 - 18/12/2020

19:00 - 22:00

online zoom link will be send to you

in English / max twelve people / 25€ contribution for the reimbursement of a crystal vaginal training set that will become yours / at the end of the workshop BK will pick up the Farming Kit and your juices / inscription deadline: fully booked (reserve list only!)

supported by VGC, radical_house, nadine,  The Monastery, ZSenne, culturele activiteiten premie Vlaamse Gemeenschap

[NL] Beauty Kit is een eco-erogenous kunstproject van Isabel Burr Raty, dat het lichaam als bron van duurzame agricultuur onderzoekt. Het project richt zich op de productie van para-pharmaceutica als onderdeel van een orgastisch bio-transactie model. In tijden van de huidige pandemie verkent BK de mogelijkheden van “globale lichaamsvloeistoffen-oogst”. 

[EN] In times of Pandemic, the Beauty Kit Female Farm invites you to take your bliss potential one step forward, from the comfort of your home, by learning the essentials of the autonomous female farming system.  This system will provide the technologies for you to explore the ecstatic diversity and alchemical agency of your sexual organs and experience the homeostasis balance that you can aquire when farming your body.

[FR] Beauty kit est une installation éco-érogène d’Isabel Burr Raty. BEAUTY KIT, c’est un projet en cours, une recherche sur le corps humain comme terrain pour une agri-culture durable, avec la transaction bio-orgasmique comme modèle économique. Le projet explore le potentiel d’une « récolte locale de fluides corporels » en Belgique. La ferme féminine Beauty kit invite 12 participant.es à apprendre l’essentiel de la récolte autonome de fluide féminin au cours d’un workshop online.

– about medical and ancestral perspectives on the nutritious properties of the juices pertaining to the: menstrual, fertile, orgasmic, menopausal, post-menopausal and pregnant ecosystems.
– to train and tone the different landscapes that make up your sexual organs, recycle sexual energy & clear undesired womb memories.
– self pleasure massages & female ejaculations (> a matter of learning the technique).
– your energetic & affective orgasmic potentials.
– how to harvest your juices and the formulas for making cosmetic & wellbeing bio-products with them.

– a niche of synergistic mutualism, where we will unlock & share our wild knowledge.
– a circular economy model, by donating your female juices to BK for the manufacture of bio-products that will be potentially sold as art objects for more workshops and farms to come.

Beauty Kit is an eco-erogenous art project by Isabel Burr Raty, that researches on the body as a territory for sustainable agriculture, oriented to the production of para-pharmaceutics within an orgasmic bio-transaction model. For the current second wave lockdown, this project explores the potentials “local body fluids harvests” in Belgium.

– ELKE VAN CAMPENHOUT who works as an artistic researcher, experimental performer and Tantra teacher. Her artistic work links contemporary philosophy to spiritual body practice, in the development of an ethics of coming together and rethinking our relation to the world we live in.
– ISABEL BURR RATY who works as filmmaker, artist, teacher and sexual Kun Fu coach, exploring the interstice between the organic and the artificial, between the unlicensed knowledge of minority groups and official facts. Through performance and installation, she invites to queer production understandings and embody SF in real time.

The online workshop is facilitated from : radical_house (Brussels)