Drawn in Time & Götterdammerung

opening Thursday 22.11.2018 / 17:00 - 21:30
22/11/2018 - 29/11/2018

CIVA, Rue de L’Ermitage 55 Kluisstraat, 1050 Brussels


supported by Studio Anatomy – KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, nadine, CIVA


Drawn in time
[EN] This exhibition brings together artworks of four artists – Jesse Cremers, Sara ten Westenend, Shervin Kianersi Haghighi, Various Artists – who deal with the act of drawing connected to time.
Drawn in Time offers insight into the process and the exploration of drawing as well as an experience of time in different ways. The results exhibited are all part of ongoing research projects, and are brought together to create a new context for interpretation as possible results of wandering along a limit. (more info)

Götterdammerung. A Moratorium on being.human.body.architecture.
[EN] This exhibition brings together works of the master students of the Studio Anatomy assignment of 2018. Studio Anatomy is a master studio at KULeuven Faculty of Architecture campus Sint-Lucas Ghent initiated by Jo Van den Berghe and Mira Sanders.
Studio Anatomy traces socio-historical layers, starting from the topography (geology, the vertical section) and stretching as far as the full scale architectural (constructive) detail (the section, again), incorporating construction in the design-research process from the very beginning. Doing so, Studio Anatomy covers the full stretch from poetics to technics in architecture.
By means of wandering along limits (historical, constructive, political, cultural, …), points of (p)reference in the architectural topography of the Museumsinsel have to be identified and located. The plans and observations of Roma by Nolli (1748) and Piranesi (ca. 1774), as well as Roma Interrotta, are the main references of this assignment. Isn’t Berlin another interrupted city?
with Thomas Balduyck, Louise Bivort, Marijke Wellens, Karolina Buresova, Ivona Uherkova, Sam Geldof, Dita Petranova, Dorine Van der Bank, Lisbeth Decloedt, Julie Hilderson, Laura De Meyer, Juliet Plasschaert, Marta Roza Zak, Martin Kunc, Matthis Adam, Wiese De Cooman, Lore Delputte, Charlotte Peters, Tigone Priem

17:00 Welcome and introduction by Loes Jacobs, coordinator of WAB
17:15 Introduction to the exhibition of Studio Anatomy and the research group ‘The Drawing and the Space’ by Jo Van den Berghe & Mira Sanders, KU Leuven Department of Architecture
17:45 Book presentation ‘The Matrix Project’ by Thierry Lagrange, member of the research group ‘The Drawing and The Space’, published by AraMer.
18:30 Opening of the exhibitions
21:30 Closure
[NL] In CIVA vonden twee tentoonstellingen plaats in het kader van WAB. ‘Götterdammerung? A Moratorium on being.human.body.architecture’ werd opgericht door Studio Anatomy, een onderzoeksgroep verbonden aan de architectuurgroep KULeuven onder leiding van Mira Sanders en Jo Van den Berghe. De studenten werkten een semester lang rond het idee van wandering in een imaginaire setting van architectuur gebaseerd op het museum eiland in Berlijn. De groepswerken alsook de maquette werden voorgesteld in een expo. Naar aanleiding van dit toonmoment nodigde Mira Sanders de expo ‘Drawn In Time’ Jesse Cremers, Sara van ten Westenend, Shervin Kianersi Haghighi, Various Artists uit om ook tentoon te stellen in CIVA. Tijdens de opening stelde Thierry Lagrange zijn boek The Matrix Project voor.

[FR] nadine vous invite au vernissage de l’exposition Drawn in Time, mardi 30 août 2018 à 18h.
L’exposition rassemble le travail de 4 artistes : Jesse Cremers, Sara ten Westenend, Shervin Kianersi Haghighi et Various Artists, qui se concentrent sur les rapports entre le fait de dessiner et le temps. Drawn in Time propose un regard sur le processus exploratoire du dessin en tant que nouvelle expérimentation temporelle. Les œuvres exposées font partie d’une recherche en cours et sont rassemblées temporairement afin de générer un nouveau contexte d’interprétation.
Drawn in time fait partie de la 3ème Wandering Art Biennial.