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ERRARE/WANDERING/WONDERING is a publication by Lucia Palladino that brings together exercises and notes for wild outdoor walking practices in Contemplative Activism. This publication can be used for improvisation and choreographic composition for dancers and actors, but can also be used by everyone as maps for disorientation and deep listening.

Contemplative Activism is an ongoing research in decolonizing, anti-capitalistic practices for the body in relations to the landscape they are immersed in. You find the manifesto of CA inserted in the publication.  

Concept and words by Lucia Palladino
Design by Marzia Dalfini
Proofreading by Sarah Cale
Bookbinding by La Rivière Sèche and Lucia Palladino

ERRARE is printed on riso at nadine in the framework of 4th Wandering Arts Biennial
ISBN 9789492564078

Thanks to nadine, Loes Jacobs, Marzia Dalfini, Sarah Cale, Lorella Barlaam, Alessandra Furlani, Alice Ruggero, Stefano Pajetta, Mariangela Gualtieri, Alice Ancona, Elena Bastogi, Piero Ramella, a.Pass, Sara Manente, Lilia Mestre, Juri Bizzotto, Flavio Orzari, Rui Calvo, Tamar Levit, Caen Levi, Rosa Cinelli, Mattia Di Leva, Jana Di Leva.