From transcription to transduction: a workshop for re-enacted voices

opening Wednesday 12.05.2021 / 14:30 - 17:30

online BBB platform


supported by Lucia Farinati, WAB participants
[EN] Since the introduction of the portable tape recorder in the late 1960s artists, art historians and musicians have been experimenting with a dialogic form of writing and sonic compositions which incorporate the spoken voice in their work.
The workshop led by researcher and curator Lucia Farinati offered participants the opportunity to test different methods for transcribing an audio interview, from strict verbatim to what has been termed ‘embodied’ transcription, and various degrees of edited transcript in-between. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches, and to what use are they best suited?
This workshop was organised in the framework of the 4th WABook Conversations.

Lucia Farinati is an independent researcher and a curator who lives in London. She has been awarded a PhD from Kingston University on the subject of Audio Arts magazine in July 2020. Her research focuses on dialogic practices and methodologies investigating the role of listening at the intersection of art and activism, the history of the artist interview, and performativity in the context of sound and feminist archives. Since 2010 she has been working with the Precarious Workers Brigade collective, shifting from a production oriented practice into participatory action research, and expanding her interest in sound from the curation of site-specific projects into the analysis of voice and listening as a political practice. She has curated several sonic art projects under the collective name Sound Threshold.

[FR] Depuis l’arrivée de l’enregistreur à cassettes portable à la fin des années soixante, les artistes, historiens de l’art et musiciens, ont pu expérimenté une forme d’écriture dialogique et produire des oeuvres sonores intégrant la voix parlée dans leur travail. Le workshop dirigé par Lucia Farinati, chercheuse et curatrice, a offert aux participants l’opportunité de tester différentes méthodes pour retranscrire un entretien audio : du verbatim parfait à de la transcription « incarnée » , ainsi que des variations de différents degrés de transcriptions possibles. Quels sont les avantages et les inconvénients de ces différentes approches et à quels usages conviennent-elles le mieux ? Ce workshop est organisé dans le cadre de 4th WABook Conversations.