Médiathèque Capitaine

12/07/2018 - 14/07/2018

Thu, Fri, Sat
10:00 - 20:00

[EN] From Thursday to Saturday, Clément Thiry invited the NGHE library to sail a part of the Tour de Belgique of Buratinas.
They will take this opportunity to browse through the media library NGHE while sailing on the waterways. They will ‘play their cassettes, count the waves, sing songs, warm the edge of the villages by dancefloor surprises, without any plans made beforehand’. You can look for them on the canal between Thieu and Tournai, and join them ‘by bike, mule, segway or crawling on the tracks that run along the waters to ambiance the waterways.’

[NL] Clément Thiry nodigde de NGHE media bibliotheek uit om deel te nemen aan de Tour de Belgique tussen Thieu en Doornik. Op de boot werd muziek gemaakt, werden stops gehouden om hun cassettes te spelen voor voorbijgangers enz.