Passing Water [Wilde Zwijn tapt zijn water af]

“Ahoy Captains,

Next week, Loes and I will spend three days on the water, translating a book I made with Gareth Farmer, in 2008, “As a Wild Boar Passes Water, Excerpts from the writings of Viktor Schauberger (1885–1958)”

Schauberger, “The Water Wizard”, developed radical methods for a ‘naturalesque’ management of water’s handling, storage, conductivity, purification; and retention of water’s natural energies and health.

To work and think through much of Loes’ work in the coming time – within a more local context – we thought it would be good to translate and circulate these excerpts of Schauberger’s writings into a free flemish-dutch publication. Can think of no better place to do this than on the way to, and over the Strépy-Thieu boat lift.

Hope this sounds ok. Goes without saying: We will, as and when, get you all a copy of the publication.

Wish us luck.