Running Backwards

28/06/2024 - 29/06/2024

11:00 - 17:00

New Polyphonies, Manchesterstraat 17 rue Manchester, 1080 Molenbeek

To express your interest, please send us a short statement about your work and why you would like to attend the lab to (We limit the amount of participants to 10.) The deadline to apply is 19 June 2024, you will hear from us by 21 June 2024. 

supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, nadine, New Polyphonies


[EN] Running Backwards is a two day artistic lab led by Eleni Kamma and Emmie McLuskey in response to Eleni’s exhibition Pink Days and Blue Νights (The Dancers) at n0dine this June. 

Over the course of two days we will explore themes of loss, memory and time in dialogue with our own work and projects as a group, opening up questions around experiencing vulnerability, the politics of working with the voices of others and the transformative processes that take place when we make the private public.   

The lab will be organised around non linear, embodied approaches to drawing, writing, reading and publishing. We will come together to share our own work and references as a group including artworks, performance, poetry, dance, video, recordings, songs etc that deepen our understanding of how we interpret loss and memory. Through examining loss in a structured and supportive space, we will raise questions about the nature of the communities we are a part of and the modes of artistic and cultural inquiries that exist within them. As part of the lab, participants will be led through various practical editing exercises that relate to embodied experiences of loss, such as remembering, slowing down, erasing, the present tense and working with the voices of others. These artistic methodologies will allow us to engage with the systems at play when dealing with archival material, be that personal or otherwise. 

If you are an artist, writer, musician, performer or maker etc who has a practice that deals with the themes of loss, memory and vulnerability we would like to hear from you. We wish to welcome practitioners who invite curiosity and questioning in their work and those who are open to exploring embodied and subjective approaches to making. 

Practitioners will be asked to share their work, projects and references with the group and we ask you to commit to being present between 11am-5pm on Friday 28th June and Saturday 29th June 2024. Please note that workshop will be held in English

Artists –

Eleni Kamma is a visual artist whose practice circulates from her as individual artist (through drawings and objects), to dialogic collaborations (films, performative events, journals) and back again, by writing about it and further developing this practice with others.

Emmie McLuskey is an artist based in Glasgow. She works with other artists to produce collaborative work; this has previously taken the form of publications, events, objects, conversations, writing and exhibitions. 


[NL] Running Backwards is een tweedaags artistiek lab onder leiding van Eleni Kamma en Emmie McLuskey naar aanleiding van Eleni’s tentoonstelling Pink Days and Blue Nights (The Dancers) in n0dine in juni.

Tijdens twee dagen verkennen ze thema’s als verlies, herinnering en tijd in dialoog met hun eigen werk en de projecten als groep, waarbij ze vragen stellen over het ervaren van kwetsbaarheid, de politiek van het werken met de stemmen van anderen en de transformerende processen die plaatsvinden wanneer we ons privéleven openbaar maken.

[FR] Running Backwards est un laboratoire artistique de deux jours dirigé par Eleni Kamma et Emmie McLuskey en réponse à l’exposition d’Eleni Pink Days and Blue Νights (The Dancers) à n0dine en juin.

Pendant deux jours, elles exploreront les thèmes de la perte, de la mémoire et du temps en dialogue avec leur propre travail et les projets en tant que groupe, en ouvrant des questions sur l’expérience de la vulnérabilité, la politique du travail avec les voix des autres et les processus de transformation qui se produisent lorsque nous rendons le privé public.