RusClub #23


morpho, Rue Gallaitstraat 80, 1030 Schaarbeek

RusClub #23 29/08/2017 doors: 19:30 start movie: 20:00 nadine/Morpho – Rue Gallaitstraat 80 – 1030 Schaarbeek Please feel free to bring some movie-snacks or movie-drinks.

nadine kindly invites you for RusClub #23.

[NL] RusClub is een platform voor Russische cinema. Alexandra Dementieva gidst het publiek doorheen de geschiedenis van de Russische cinema aan de hand van geselecteerde films. De RusClubs vinden plaats in morpho (Gallaitstraat 80, Schaarbeek). De deuren openen om 7u30 en de eerste film start om 8u.

[EN] RusClub is a platform for Russian cinema. Alexandra Dementieva selects Russian movies and guides you through the history of Russian cinema. RusClub takes place at morpho (Gallaitstraat 80, Schaarbeek). The doors open at 7:30pm and the first movie starts at 8pm.

The RusClub #23 takes place on Tuesday 29 August 2017 at 19:30 and the movie that will be shown is: Dead Man’s Letters (1987 – 88min)
Directed by Konstantin Lopushansky
Starring Rolan Bykov, Vatslav Dvorzhetsky

“Dead Man’s Letters is a science fiction parable set in a post-apocalyptic world. Boris Strugatsky contributed to the script, and themes of despair, uncertainty and disappointment in scientific progress (which led to nuclear war) are prevalent throughout the movie. While healthy people are admitted into underground bunkers, the remaining population struggles to survive in basements. Deeply troubled by humanity’s demise, the film’s protagonist sustains himself by writing imaginary letters to his son, even though the boy won’t ever receive them.

The film’s release in 1986 coincided with the Chernobyl disaster, making its imagery all the more shocking.”