RusClub #50

07:30 - 22:30

dinA, Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf, 1000 Brussels

reservation required: no more places left

[NL] RusClub is een platform voor Russische cinema. Alexandra Dementieva gidst het publiek doorheen de geschiedenis van de Russische cinema aan de hand van geselecteerde films.

[EN] RusClub is a platform for Russian cinema. Alexandra Dementieva selects Russian movies and guides you through the history of Russian cinema.

The movie that will be shown is: Scarecrow (2020, 72min), directed by Dmitry Davydov.

Scarecrow is a small budget drama with elements of supernatural in the northernmost parts of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The Scarecrow (Valentina Romanova-Chyskyyrai) is a traditional healer. In her village people avoid and fear her but on the other, they go to her when there is no one else to go to.  She is a hermit, a drinker, a holy fool and a healer. But she does not help everyone: every great gift is always a curse, therefore, the disease taken away from the other settles in the healer herself with poison and goes down the throat with black bile.