CALENDAR 20/11 installation day 21/11 SPELPUNT 16:00-20:00 22/11 SPELPUNT 16:00-20:00 23/11 SPELPUNT 15:00-19:00 24/11 BLEU-BERRY 18:30 25/11 break 26/11 SPELPUNT 16:00-20:00 27/11 break 28/11 SPELPUNT 16:00-20:00 29/11 BLEU-BERRY 19:00 30/11 SPELPUNT 16:00-19:00 01/12 SPELPUNT 14:30-18:00 02/12 BLEU-BERRY 16:00 + ENDSUNDAYGLASS 18:00

supported by Tropicana

[EN] In the context of WAB 2018, ILPALINSESTO presents two activities: SPELPUNT COLORING TROPICANA and BLEU-BERRY.

SPELPUNT COLORING TROPICANA is the name of a performative game.
SPELPUNT COLORING TROPICANA offers itself as a temporary urban play center to experience a new way of drawing and coloring the urban space nearby and it is addressed to everybody: pedestrians, habitantes, occasional visitors, touristes, adultes, children…
This game plays using a laboratory form based on 3 activities: drawing, body activity and photographs.
SPELPUNT COLORING TROPICANA uses swimming caps, T-shirts, felt pens and papers.
This game is free and it takes around 30 min. Coffee and tea will be offered during the opening hours.
ATTENTION! SPELPUNT COLORING TROPICANA is open in the afternoon, please check on the calendar the opening hours and don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to come in another moment (mornings are also available on request).

BLEU-BERRY is one minute song about vegetables and fruits sang live for 90 minutes by Mott Flyf and Francesca Chiacchio.
BLEU-BERRY is a pop-mantra-treatment and also a collective game, promoting a process of liberation through repetition and absurdity.
BLEU-BERRY is a pop-mantra-treatment and also a collective game. In other words, it provokes a collective action, a process of liberation through repetition and absurdity.

ATTENTION! BLEU-BERRY will be played on SAT 24 at 18h30, on THU 25 at 19h and on SUN 2 at 16h.
SPELPUNT COLORING TROPICANA and BLEU-BERRY are hosted by TROPICANA in 148, rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels.


[NL] Francesca Chiacchio werkte aan een interactieve expo en performance en doopte Tropicana om tot Spelpunt Coloring Tropicana. Samen met Clément Thiry organiseerde ze twee avonden de mantra-pop Bleu Berry