oracle @ Beursschouwburg: Touching the Missing

Beursschouwburg organizes a Symposium: On loss and resilience. Laments as embodied archives: a reflection on artistic practices of grief. The symposium takes place as an echo to the current exhibition of Hoda Siahtiri. It brings together a community of artists, practitioners and allies drawn to and engaged in practices of mourning and lamentation as forms of knowledge sharing, resistance, release and reconciliation.

For the first part of the symposium (TALKS) – oracle is “harvesting” their notebooks and archives, written or stored in memory, bodies and telepathic space.

There’s a lot to share.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ MEMO
Wednesday the 27th of April
Talks: 10:30 until 16:00
Performance: 17:00
@ Beursschouwburg’s rooftop ♥

Free, but reservation required. Hope to see you there!
Full program on the website of BEURS 

ORACLE is an eyes-closed body-voice improvisation practice reading diverse spaces: train stations, parks, institutions, forests, public libraries, urban gardens and private living spaces. It interacts with these surroundings through instant sound and movement composition and expands the boundaries between individual emotional expressions and shared public space. The name oracle bridges an expansive notion of voice and ineffability, encompassing agency, ambiguity, obscurity, divinity, communication, medium, utterance and wisdom. The practice can offer space for grief, angst, doubts, ancestral or unconscious knowledge; making audible what usually remains hidden, but is nevertheless carried in the voice. oracle was created by Caroline Daish, Justine Maxelon and Michel Yang in 2015 as a need to collaborate, vocalise and heal. Michel passed away in August 2020, accompanied by oracle, friends and family.