12/11/2020 - 18/08/2020


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[EN] Isabel Burr Raty, radical_house and nadine invite you for BEAUTY KIT FEMALE FARM 0.4. From 12 to 18 November 2020, a group of females of different ages and backgrounds, will take part in the fourth version of the Beauty Kit Female Farm. A seven day residency project that invites participants to undergo a collective durational body art performance (without an audience) at radical_house Brussels.

The Beauty Kit Female Farm is an eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented farm that harvests female erotic juices to produce eco-erogenous para-pharmaceutical products. It functions as a mobile research installation that adapts to the site-specific ecosystem of the space it inhabits, recycling and archiving living materials and producing within a symbiotic niche of synergic mutualism. This farm explores its own self-sustainable economic model of production and invites participants from all over the world to become harvesters and embody Sci-Fi chapters in praxis time.

The BKFF 0.4 is a full time engagement residency that runs from Thursday 12 to Wednesday 18 November 2020, with arriving day on Wednesday 11 at 19:00 and leaving day on Thursday 19 November at 11:00.

To assure the best possible BKFF 0.4 experience, we kindly ask you to confirm interest of participation via email to Isabel Burr Raty (isabelburr.raty@sacrofilms.com) or the project’s co-producers: Racial_house and or nadine (loes@nadine.be) as soon as possible.

After this we will send you the BKFF 0.4: Activities Booklet, explaining the BAFFS activities more in depth together with the BKFF Commitment agreement, and the BKFF Questionnaire, that we kindly ask to fill in. (Both documents have to be sent back by email before the 11 October 2020)

The BKFF 0.4 female farming system is facilitated with no costs for participants and the farm offers lodging and working materials, that include the tools and DIY technologies employed.
However, we kindly ask each guest-artist participant to:
1. Reimburse the individual crystals set, crucial tools in the female farming process (and for the personal after farm usage), via bank transfer before the 30 October 2020. Paying cash on arrival is also possible. The cost of this set is 25 Euros.
2. Contribute with 100 Euros for food, via bank transfer before the 30 October 2020. Paying cash on arrival is also possible.
3. Cover all personal travelling costs.

Link : BKFF 0.4 BOOKLET1 invitation